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Congratulations for choosing Longy & Welcome to our City 

While East Coast Realty and Longy School of Music of Bard College have partnered to provide this resource for prospective students, we have no formal financial or legal arrangement. You are not obligated to secure housing through this arrangement and should explore all available resources before signing a lease. Longy does not receive remuneration for housing arrangements secured through this partnership.

As you know, Longy is located in one of the most sought after educational centers in the world, Cambridge, Massachusetts. In addition to Longy, our neighborhood is home to a number of universities including Harvard, Lesley University, Radcliffe College, and others. 

Longy students take full advantage of all of the cultural and educational offerings that our larger Greater Boston community affords them. 

Because Longy is centrally located and easily accessible to public transportation, it allows students a great number of alternatives for student living. Some Longy students prefer the convenience of living very close to campus, others value the opportunity to live in one of Boston’s historic neighborhoods. Some students seek out state of the art buildings in one of Boston’s dynamic new buildings.   Part of what makes Longy special is our dynamic opportunities for Student living.

Steps to Finding housing @Longy

In partnership with Longy, we have compiled this page for you to use as an early resource for housing while at Longy.


1) Understand your requirements and priorities


Housing in the Boston area is very much tied to the school cycle. September 1st is the biggest day for moving in and out, followed closely by June 1st, and August 1st.  Housing for these dates starts becoming available for lease in the late winter and early spring. 


As noted above, Longy students have a great deal of options for housing while at the school. Popular neighborhoods include Cambridge, Somerville, and Allston.


The Cambridge and Metro Boston rental housing market, has made a strong rebound in rental costs post Covid. There is a wide range of things to consider when planning your budget, including must have amenities, commute to school and neighborhood. Generally speaking, the most expensive options are living alone in close proximity to the school, and living with others and commuting can provide a more value minded solution.

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3) Touring the options: Two ways


If you are in town or are planning a trip to Boston, our agents are happy to set up a showing in person to show you great units that meet your criteria. 


Our Agents are happy to assist you virtually. Our process is straightforward. We will only send you verified and accurate listings. If our agents don’t have access to accurate and updated media and virtual tours, we are happy to do a FaceTime or virtual walk through of the unit. Our team has completed 1000’s of sight-unseen transactions and we take a great deal of pride in the trust we are given to make sure our clients are satisfied.

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Rentwise Boston

Our platform is designed to show you the buildings that are available in the Boston area. By submitting a few buildings, you give our agents a glimpse into the type of apartment buildings you gravitate towards.


We’ve been helping students and scholars find great options for housing for 30 years. Once you identify a few buildings that feel like they could be your next home, we’ll send you links to real time availability in those buildings and any others that our agents think could work well for you. 

Connect with Trusted Realtor

Connect directly with one of our agents! They are more than willing to help you. 


Alex Gonzalez

English & Spanish


Armando Kulli

Italian & Romanian


Hanna Zhang


John Chai.jpg

John Cai


2) Find a suitable apartment

Completed Application and Support Materials

At a minimum, landlords require that prospective tenants complete an application. This application will outline all basic personal information as well as a source of funds for rental payment. In most cases, students will need a cosigner to guarantee the rental payment. In the case of international students, owners will require a valid I-20, visa, and an acceptance letter from Longy.


Most owners require that a deposit of one month’s rent accompany the application. Upon acceptance, students should expect to pay additional deposits of last month's rent, Security Deposit and if disclosed, a broker fee.

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4) You love what you have seen, now what?

roommate (2).png

5) Find your roommate

Post a Roommate Request

Ready to find the perfect roommate? Take the first step and create a request! Let's join forces and make apartment living more affordable and enjoyable. 

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6) Sign your lease!

Completed Application and Support Materials

Once your application has been accepted by the landlord, your next step is to sign your lease. The lease will outline all final and binding terms of your agreement. Please find a sample lease here: Default Standard Lease. Please note that your lease may differ.

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