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3 Things You Can Do When Finding An Apartment in Boston During Covid

2020 has changed our daily lives tremendously, and this is no exception for the process of finding an apartment in Boston, Massachusetts. Even though things have changed, many companies and Real Estate agents have made improvements to create a seamless experience during these difficult times.

Now that most of your apartment hunting will happen online, here are three different things you should take into account when finding an apartment in Boston.

1. Avoid Scams

In the online world, scams are part of our reality. Many online platforms contain fraudulent un verified listings as independent agents can post anything they want.

You should use good judgement when you see specific apartments. Some of them might look too good to be true, and a lot of those units might actually not be currently available on the market, and that there might be some cases where the pricing is incorrect.

It is essential to inquire about an apartment before scheduling a virtual meeting or signing a lease.

2. Work Together with a Real Estate Agent

Working with Real estate agents is the best way to go. They work with different landlords and have a comprehensive overview of all the available inventory in the Boston market.

Using their expertise, agents can match you with the best apartment available based on your needs. These agents often have exclusive inventory that is often not advertised online.

As many experienced agents have years of work experience in the Boston area, they are well aquatinted with the different neighborhoods, the terms & conditions of each landlord, the availability of the market, and the leasing process.

Saving time and stress are some of the advantages of working with a real estate agent to find an apartment you can call home!

3. View Units

As many real estate companies have landlords who have taken precautions, it is possible to do in-person viewings for most units.

From hand-sanitizers, to pre-cleaned apartments and sanitized key, the measures allow you to visit properties and get a feel for your potential new home.

Prefer to stay home? No worries. Many companies and agents have worked together to get the most updated pictures, videos, and virtual tours to give you the best virtual experience.


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