East Coast Realty Office

 > Founded in 1991, East Coast Realty has been a leader among independent brokerage companies in Boston. Our focus is on continuing dynamic and thoughtful partnerships with our longstanding owners and developers while providing outstanding service to our customers.


 > Since 2001, East Coast Realty has constantly innovated on the rental housing process. First by creating our Chinese-facing brand, 5uBoston.  5uBoston was founded in response to the needs of the Chinese student market, and quickly became one of the most widely recognized Chinese brands in Boston and a trusted source for foreign renters and investors.


 > Currently East Coast Realty is leveraging its relationships with some of the area's best entrepreneurs and its proximity to Boston's start-up culture, to build RentwiseBoston. Unlike Zillow, our new hyper-local platform will use curated listings and brokerage expertise to provide you with the best online rental search experience.  We're confident that the RentwiseBoston platform will be the future of securing rental housing in Boston.

About Us



John Conroy

 became the owner of the company at the age of 25.

> Since then we have grown 20 times in revenue


We have opened our second office in the boston area.






East Coast Realty

The company was founded  as a traditional rental and sales office


is recognized Real Estate Initiative for the growing Chinese student community in Boston, MA

RentWise Boston

We launched RentWise Boston, a rental platform designed to change the way people search for apartments in Boston, MA.


Company Culture


Creating a culture centered on teamwork where the rising tide lifts all boats.




Dedication to clarity and uniquely curated listings.



> Our goal is to make sure our clients receive the most optimized experience dealing in Real Estate. Whether it be buying, selling, or renting, East Coast Realty is here to bring quality and experience to our clients.

 > At East Coast Realty we strive to create the new industry benchmark for how Real Estate should be done in Boston. Clarity and quality of listings should be paramount and accessible to all clients looking to buy, sell, or rent.  



Acknowledging employee and partner contributions.


Best Interests

Ensuring our client's best interests are always at the forefront of every deal.



John Conroy Executive Team

John Conroy

Chief Executive Officer 

With over 20+ years of experience, John is a decisive leader in creating industry benchmarks in Real Estate.

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Mark Coronado

Agent Coordinator

Mark has been our key coordinator for six years, keeping all agents well equipped to handle any Real Estate request.

Samanta Baj Executive Team

Samantha Baj 

Business Manager

Samantha has been with the company for six years and brings invaluable accounting expertise to the team as well as her skills in office optimization.

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We are committed to providing the best real estate services, and therefore, in-person showings are still available amid Covid-19. However, we take extra precautions and steps to ensure the safety of you and of our team members.

Covid Response

Face Coverings 

Face coverings are required and will be worn by both parties throughout the showing.


Hand Sanitizers 

 Hand sanitizers are available and will be provided upon request.



Gloves will be worn by our team members, and are available to you upon request.



Keys are sanitized with rubbing alcohol after each and every showing.